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There is desperate demand for a one-stop solution which encompasses end to end financial counsel for businesses - and this where we step in to save the day.

The Growing Need for Alara Advisory Services


A string of problems have plagued companies from effectively carrying out their business processes:

• Companies find the legalities involved in the infrastructure and infra- engineering services highly ambiguous

• Clients fall prey to a large nexus of inefficient and notorious touts and get exploited

• Poor presentation or documentation many times lead to rejection of proposals

• There is an unrelenting threat of breach of confidentiality and idea theft

• The never ending red-tapism in the bureaucratic system delays the projects

Our inception is rooted in the goal to facilitate smooth business processing and along the way Alara has developed strategies to mitigate these legal hurdles.

Providing Comprehensive Solutions


Alara strives to address all these issues and provide a wide-rangi... More

About us

Alara Advisory Services provides a broad spectrum of services including Infrastructure Project Advisory, Partner Searches, Joint Ventures, Mergers and Acquisitions, Low Cost Mass Housing-PPP, Project Tendering, Pre-Bid Assistance amongst sharing various other responsibilities.

As a corollary to the fast growth in the field, the regulatory environment has become dynamic, and it is imperative for every company to understand and comply with the legal academism. This is where the role of Alara starts. We help every client to setup, establish and grow.

Our business philosophy rests on prioritizing the client's interests and harnessing solutions to encourage organizational effectiveness. Alara embodies the culture of integrity, professionalism and strongly believes in leveraging insights to provide seamless financial solutions.

Infrastructure Consulting Services


AnshJagwani has worked with many bollywood actors including John Abraham & Siddharth Malhotra
"Your journey is not the same as mine and my journey is not the same as yours. But should our paths cross along the way, may we come bearing encouragement"

- Ansh Jagwani

The pursuit of creating a one-stop solution for all infrastructure and infra-engineering companies has earned Ansh a strong network of clients and deep subject knowledge. Ansh started his career in the field of advertising worked with Pickle Lintas. Prior to founding Alara Advisory Services, Ansh also spearheaded his own film production company.

Shivam Shukla
"I believe leadership is elevating a person's vision to high altitudes, their performance to the highest standards and their development beyond normal limitations"

- Shivam Shukla

Shivam is driven by an unflinching vigor to learn and serve through sheer experience. With in depth knowledge of his field, Shivam's area of expertise as co-founder rises from his history in sales and marketing across domains. He cherishes the notion of connecting with people, understanding and nurturing their talent.